Build superapps and corresponding ecosystems on a full-stack platform

Superapp Overview

A superapp provides a set of fixed core features and access to a range of independently developed miniapps to cater to different customer requirements. Alibaba Cloud leverages Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (EMAS) to help you build your superapp with platform capabilities (and based on which) for your partners to develop miniapps for your ecosystem.

EMAS is derived from the best practices of Taobao and Tmall, providing an all-in-one application platform with comprehensive product and solution portfolios. EMAS is the leading provider of application platforms in China with the largest market scale. It has served over 330,000 users globally, with 100 billion APIs called per day and more than 820 million active devices each day. You can get a superapp up and running with the end-to-end modern app components of EMAS.

Superapp Benefits

  • Improvement for User Growth

    Increase user activity and improve customer loyalty for you and your partners with easy access to a comprehensive range of services on a unified platform and an engaging experience on a streamlined customer journey

  • Mutual-Development Partnership

    Enrich the business ecosystem and scale up the user base with partners by supporting easy and low-cost miniapp development in your superapp, which enhances partner miniapps with platform capabilities and more market opportunities

  • Unified Technical Specification

    Simplify and accelerate DevOps of superapps and miniapps with unified technical specifications (such as the same login process, security and privacy regulations, and quality assurance measures)

  • Centralized App Management

    Provide enriched and consistent services to your customers with one superapp by integrating and managing your miniapps on the superapp platform at minimal costs

How to Transform Your App into A Superapp

This solution provides various capabilities to help you build a superapp with a rich ecosystem, including components for app infrastructure and business features, containers for running miniapps, and services for DevOps and operations.

  • EMAS Suite

    An all-in-one components kit providing miniapp containers that support easy development of multi-channel miniapps with near-native experience in web app development languages and a component-based framework to simplify and speed up superapp development

  • Application Open Platform

    A portal that provides developers with capabilities required for full-lifecycle application development (such as user registration, application registration, application approval, and application release)

  • Application Development Platform EMAS

    A full-stack platform that provides application development services, including development tools, DevOps for mobile apps, application middleware, and operation tools

This solution provides frameworks and platforms that support the development, testing, DevOps, maintenance, and various operations for superapps and miniapps across the entire application lifecycle.

  • Superapps

    You can develop superapps for businesses or customers, with miniapps from you and your partners in the superapp ecosystem to provide comprehensive services in various industry sectors.

  • Superapp Frameworks

    The miniapp containers (such as Uni-app and WindVane) help launch and manage minapps on one or more platforms. Basic components provide fundamental features for all apps on your superapp platform with a unified user experience in your superapp ecosystem.

  • Superapp Platforms

    The Application Open Platform and Native App DevOps Platform provide comprehensive services for you to build your superapps and miniapps or transform your apps into them, with unified testing, onboarding, monitoring, and optimization measures.

Join the Superapp Ecosystem by Transforming Your Apps into Miniapps

Develop a miniapp and integrate it into a superapp quickly with the scaffolding provided by EMAS Suite and distribute the miniapp in one or more superapps to perform centralized management and delivery
Create a Miniapp Project
Associate the Project With EMAS
Develop the Miniapp
Run the Miniapp in a Simulator
Debug the Miniapp
Build and Pack the Miniapp
Release the Miniapp in Superapp
Create a Miniapp Project
Associate the Project With EMAS
Develop the Miniapp
Run the Miniapp in a Simulator
Debug the Miniapp
Build and Pack the Miniapp
Release the Miniapp in Superapp

Voice of Partners

Alibaba Cloud helps partners develop superapps and miniapps using a joint solution based on EMAS Superapp.
"Superapp is one of the 2023 top strategic technology trends proposed by Gartner. We secured the partnership with the Alibaba Cloud Team within just one month and completed the technical integration of EMAS Superapp in two weeks. It is a great honor to drive the evolution of superapp and bring revolutionized services to the market together with Alibaba Cloud."
Agmo Studio, a leading software development enterprise in Malaysia that offers mobile, blockchain, and web solutions to corporations and government agencies
"SCash Global has been appointed by Alibaba Cloud as the preferred Integrated Solutions Vendor (ISV). It took only one week to transform our existing web application of new retail solution to a miniapp and significantly improve user experience. Through the cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, we can offer our clients more value-added solutions."
SCash Global, empowering merchants with Centralized Command Center (CCC), Loyalty & Membership System, integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Merchants Application, Mini Program Solutions, and Superapp Solution

EMAS Superapp Supports Malaysia's EV Ecosystem

Agmo Holdings Berhad (Agmo) just launched the Agmo EV Superapp, leveraging EMAS Superapp (Alibaba Cloud’s enterprise Superapp solution) to provide a one-stop EV solution center that integrates various automotive industry features and ecosystem miniapps. The Agmo EV Superapp provides users with easy access to EV charging stations across the country and reduces the costs and anxiety of driving through route planning, creating an intuitive and streamlined user experience while driving business growth with innovation for EV service providers in Malaysia.

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