Edge Node Service

An all-in-one service that provides elastic, stable, and widely distributed computing, network, and storage resources to help you deploy businesses on the edge nodes of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), reducing computing latency and costs


  • Ease-of-use

    Multiple types of edge instances, easily accessible to you.

  • Edge scenario-oriented

    Computing and network convergence to support multi-node coordination, terminal cloudification to improve the service efficiency with lower cost and improved QoE.

  • Wide coverage

    Cloud network coverage extended to the last mile, the end to end network latency is greatly reduced to under 20ms.


Easy accessible and multi-type edge computing capabilities

Edge cloud service with various types of edge instances

providing standard VM, bare metal, bare machine, edge container, and heterogeneous computing resource.

Rich edge cloud offerings

providing converged edge network service (classic network/Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Edge Load Balancing (ELB), Edge Elastic IP address (EIP), Edge NAT gateway, etc.) converged edge storage (Elastic Block Storage, Edge Object Storage (EOS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), etc.) based on your needs.

One-stop service orchestration and deployment

providing unified provisioning and configuration for edge computing, storage and network services, and help you build global "out-of-the-box" edge infrastructure environment.

Edge scenario-based product solutions

Unified management

based on the advanced distributed architecture, supporting creating edge computing instances across nodes and operator with just one-click, intelligent node-selection and second-level service distribution. You can operate and scale edge instances with self-service.

Computing and network convergence, and multi-node coordination

minute-level service delivery to multiple edge nodes, supporting cloud-edge collaboration, edge-edge collaboration, and edge-end collaboration. You will be able to deploy multiple services on the distributed cloud architecture. Multiple connectivity capabilities with both leased line and internet, providing secured and high-quality interconnection between edge nodes. The edge instances will be cooperatively scheduled, the edge services will be protected against attacks and the transmission cost will be reduced.

Native terminal cloudification & Simultaneous Multiplex Technology solution

suitable for typical edge services such as cloud gaming, cloud rendering, etc. Supporting heterogenouse computing hardware and software based on ARM+Android, X86+Windows;Simultaneous Multiplex improving the cloud gaming service efficiency by running multiple game streams on a same edge instance

Widely distributed edge infrastructure

Global coverage

500+ ENS Edge Nodes built on 3200+ CDN nodes have been launched worldwide, covers all provinces in mainland China across the three Chinese telecom operators and 30+ countries and regions in overseas market, extends the cloud network coverage to the last mile.

High-quality transmission network

Deployed in Telco's Top-Tier DCs, ENS supports real-time monitoring of the network transmission quality and troubleshooting, with service availability >99.9%, and end to end transmission latency <20ms.


Stable and Low-Latency Interactive Streaming Architecture

Technologies such as stream access, stream merging or forwarding, and transcoding on edge nodes can ensure the high definition and smooth playback of interactive streaming services, improve the transport network performance, and reduce the overhead of the core and backbone networks. Edge Node Service (ENS) provides the computing capabilities of CDN edge nodes to ensure the stability of interactive streaming services.


  • Global Coverage
    Provides resources in all regions to improve user experience and shorten the latency caused by wide geographical distribution and unstable network quality.

    Reduced Costs
    Reduces upfront capital investment, improves business flexibility, and reduces the overall bandwidth costs.

    Efficient O&M
    Provides the comprehensive remote computing power control system, API system, and monitoring system to improve O&M efficiency significantly.

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New-Generation CDN Architecture

ISPs that provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and Internet enterprises that build their own CDNs need a large number of edge nodes worldwide to cache, schedule, and distribute content. Compared with traditional methods, ENS provides large amounts of edge computing power and helps build a new generation of CDNs based on the stability, convenience, and precise scheduling capabilities of the Apsara system.


  • Global Coverage
    Allows you to purchase edge nodes worldwide with ease to reduce unnecessary communication.

    Efficient O&M
    Supports visual monitoring and batch operations based on the stability and migration capabilities of the Apsara system.

    Precise Scheduling
    Provides a precise traffic scheduling platform to help optimize scheduling.

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