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DirectMail Pricing

DirectMail is charged based on the number of emails sent. There are currently two payment options available: Resource Package and Pay-As-You-Go.

To review exact fees, please log on to the product console. Please also note that Pay-As-You-Go product fees are estimates. Final usage fees depend on actual usage.

Resource Package

1. Packages are subscription-based and become available upon successful payment.

2. Service Period: 6 months. The term of validity is calculated separately for each package and not across multiple packages.

3. Deduction Methods: Mail usage will be deducted from the package quota during the term of validity. If you have multiple packages, messages will first be deducted from the package that expires first. When all packages are consumed, the deduction method will automatically convert to the Pay-As-You-Go payment model.

4. Users may not unsubscribe or receive a refund for unused resources once a package is activated or becomes expired.

Resource Package Category Alibaba Cloud Users Subscription Time Savings vs Pay-As-You-Go
50,000 messages $13.05 6 months > $1.45 Buy Now
500,000 messages $121.8 6 months > $23.2 Buy Now
1 million messages $230.55 6 months > $59.45 Buy Now
5 million messages $1,123.75 6 months > $326.25 Buy Now

Pay-As-You-Go is a post-payment method in which a user is charged according to actual consumption. The unit price is $0.29 USD per 1,000 messages.

The cost calculation formula for Pay-As-You-Go is total mail sent / 1000 x $0.29 USD.

The cost is accurate to two decimal places, with a minimum billing fee of $0.01 USD.

Free Quota

Each Alibaba Cloud Main Account for DirectMail has a total of 2,000 free letters, and a maximum of 200 free letters are sent each day.

If the user has a free credit limit, the free quota will not be included in the resource package or pay-as-you-go billing range, and the amount of mail exceeding the free quota will incur fees.

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