Data Transmission Service

Supports data migration and data synchronization between data engines, such as relational database, NoSQL and OLAP

Data Transmission Service Pricing

Data Transmission Service is charged based according to three models: Data Synchronization, Data Migration, Change Tracking.

Data migration however only supports on a Pay-As-You-Go payment model, which charges configuration fee and Internet traffic fee. Configuration fees are only charged for normal run time of data replication, and Internet traffic charges temporarily are not charged.

For the pricing of Pay-As-You-Go method, please check DTS Pay-As-You-Go pricing

For the pricing of Subscription method, please check DTS Subscription pricing

Data Synchronization

(1) Payment Method: Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Subscription

(2) Charging Items: Instance configuration fee

(3) Cross-border data synchronization is not opened for everyone, if you need to use, please submit request to us.

Change Tracking

(1) Payment Mode: Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Subscription.

(2) Charging Items: Instance configuration fee, data traffic costs, internet traffic fee.

(3) The data traffic fee charged according to the actual amount of data subscribed by the SDK. Data traffic charges are temporarily not charged.

(4) Internet traffic fee is temporarily not charged.

Data Migration

(1) You are only billed when the incremental data migration is in progress (including the period when the incremental data migration is paused). You are not billed for schema migration and full data migration.

(2) Internet traffic fee is temporarily not charged.

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