ApsaraMQ for Confluent

ApsaraMQ for Confluent provides a fully managed solution for enterprises to integrate stream processing and big data systems.

Confluent Data Streaming Service on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud collaborates with Confluent to provide the Data Streaming solution based on Apache Kafka, which enables you to access, store, and manage data easily as continuous, real-time streams. You can enjoy all the enterprise-grade features of Kafka without the cumbersome management and monitoring work and process, filter, analyze, and react to data streams in real-time, at a massive scale, with enterprise-grade security. Confluent Data Streaming is used for a wide array of use cases across numerous industries, including financial services, omnichannel retail, autonomous vehicle manufacturing, fraud detection, microservices, and IoT devices.


  • Fully-Managed Streaming Service on Kafka

    Enjoy Kafka's enterprise-level data streaming capabilities featuring a rich connector ecosystem, CI/CD containerized integration and delivery, and DevOps automation, with Alibaba Cloud's highly scalable and secure cloud environment.

  • High Cluster Scalability and Performance

    Persistently enqueues messages to ensure the high throughput of clusters in scenarios where large amounts of data are accumulated. The automatic inspection and O&M system guarantees a high service availability that reaches 99.9%.

  • Easy and Cost-Effective Operations

    Provides health inspection on core links and automatically performs diagnostics on clusters. You can configure an alert rule of message accumulation for each consumer group. The comprehensive API operations help you manage various resources.

  • Professional Support for Kafka

    Keeps your applications scalable and away from potential issues throughout the development lifecycle with round-the-clock online support

  • Commercial Products of Apache Kafka

    Combines the advanced technologies of Confluent in stream processing and 80% of code contributions to Apache Kafka to optimize the Kafka technology and establish a secure and reliable enterprise-level platform for stream processing.

  • Seamless Migration for Immediate Use

    Provides fully managed and out-of-the-box Confluent Platform and allows you to seamlessly migrate your current business without code change. This greatly decreases migration costs and technical risks, and provides a flexible and highly available service.


Multi-language Development

Supports multiple mainstream programming languages, such as Java, Python, and Scala.

Rich Built-in Ecosystem

Provides enterprise-level connectors, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) brokers, and Schema Registry.

Compatibility with Apache Kafka

Built based on the core capabilities of Apache Kafka and is compatible with Apache Kafka.


Greatly simplifies the building of stream processing applications based on event streaming databases for lightweight SQL.

Elastic Cloud Resources

Provides elastic computing and storage resources.

Enterprise-level Security Capabilities

Supports SSL, role-based access control (RBAC), and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

After-sales Support for Enterprise-level Solutions

Provides 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year

Integration with Alibaba Cloud Services

Consumes data and performs distributed computing by using Alibaba Cloud services such as Realtime Compute for Apache Flink and E-MapReduce (EMR).

How Confluent Data Streaming Service Works

Your Challenges

Distributed applications, data stores, systems, and massive data pose challenges to data analytics for deriving timely insights. Rigid data architectures cause unnecessary up-front costs, app lags, or downtime.

Our Solution

  • This solution leverages Apache Kafka to provide stream processing and real-time data extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) capabilities to empower relevant, timely analytics and business intelligence applications.

    Kafka in the Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes environment provides enterprise features (such as Control Center) to improve cluster monitoring and DevOps. It also provides the role-based access control (RBAC) security model and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to enforce enterprise security.

    KsqlDB helps you build event streaming applications based on Apache Kafka. The connectors span the entire ecosystem to provide secure and efficient data access for SaaS platforms, apps, devices, and databases.

    Schema Registry enforces consistent data formats, centralized policy, and data governance to improve data storage efficiency and data streaming performance.


Data Liquidity

Data Liquidity

ApsaraMQ for Confluent allows you to integrate data of multiple cloud services and the local environment and process and analyze data streams in real time. This ensures the integrity and high availability of data in a hybrid cloud. The consistent user interface (UI) also simplifies the operation management of the hybrid cloud.



The quality and timeliness of data is critical to the validity of an AI model. ApsaraMQ for Confluent serves as a stream processing platform and ensures the timeliness, relevance, manageability, and reliability of data to support the large-scale production and delivery of AI systems and applications.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

ApsaraMQ for Confluent integrates real-time data streams from different data sources and de-identifies, processes, and analyzes the data. This provides a comprehensive, real-time, and integrated view on your data. You can use ApsaraMQ for Confluent to build an event-driven application that responds in real time and provides customized services and experience.

Event-driven Microservices

Event-driven Microservices

The loosely coupled microservice architecture helps you make innovations in a more efficient manner. You can use the microservices of ApsaraMQ for Confluent to unify the protocol standards among different services and prevent separate data maintenance.


Item Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Environment Deployment Stage/Product Stage/Product
Multi-zone Deployment Multiple Availability Zones Multiple Availability Zones
Schema Registry Support Support
KsqlDB Support Support
Connector OpenSource Connectors All Connectors
KafkaRestProxy Support Support
Cluster Linking Support As Source Source & Destination
Schema Linking Support Support
User Management Preset LDAP Preset LDAP and Custom LDAP
Authentication Methods SASL_SSL SASL_SSL
Permission Management ACL & RBAC ACL & RBAC
Exactly-once Semantics Support Support
Key-based Data Storage Compression Support Support
Graphical Management Interface Support Support
Business Metrics (Prometheus) Support Support
Simple Log Service Support Support
Support Regular Support Alibaba Cloud Expert Service
Service Guarantee 99.9% 99.9%

In Partnership with Confluent

Confluent is a company focused on the technologies of data-in-motion. Confluent's cloud-native platform is becoming a foundational part of modern companies. It was designed to unleash real-time data and act as a central nervous system in enterprises, letting them connect all their applications around real-time streams and react and respond intelligently to everything that happens in their business. The partnership between Confluent and Alibaba Cloud allows organizations to harness the full power of continuously flowing data in a robust and secure cloud environment to innovate and find success in the modern digital world.

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