Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

Helps build and manage a global network that supports communication between data centers
and cloud resources


CEN uses transit routers deployed in different regions to build a full-mesh network on top of the Alibaba Cloud global transmission network. CEN enables global network communication:

● The two transit routers can be connected through multiple highly available and highly reliable lines.
● Transit routers function as the network core in a spoke-hub network topology. You can use transit routers to connect virtual private clouds (VPCs) deployed in the same or different regions and on-premises networks to Alibaba Cloud.
● CEN provides a dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all your networks.


Large-Scale and On-Demand Networking

Network instances can be attached to the transit router in each region to communicate with each other. Networks are highly scalable and controllable with easy management.

Simplified Network Topology

Network instances, such as VPCs and virtual border routers (VBRs), can be attached to transit routers to simplify the configurations of point-to-point connections and improve network scalability.

Flexible Management

Transit routers support network communication, network isolation, and routing policies to improve network security.

Globally Connected Network

Network instances communicate with each other over high-speed, reliable, and stable connections.

Globally Connected

Network instances (such as VPCs and VBRs) can communicate with each other over private connections.

Shortest-Path Algorithm

The shortest-path algorithm of CEN automatically selects the optimal connection between the two network instances to reduce network latency and accelerate data transmission.

High Redundancy

At least four redundant routes exist between the two network instances to ensure service availability.

Automatic Route Learning and Advertisement

Automatic route learning and management simplify network O&M

Network Management

Automatic route learning and advertisement between nodes, allowing routes to converge quickly.

Customer-Side Configurations

Route configurations and management are significantly simplified.

Bandwidth Sharing and Management

Enable network communication between two regions with one bandwidth plan.

Bandwidth Sharing

Bandwidth plans are scoped to areas. Each pair of connected areas shares the same bandwidth plan.

Flexible Adjustment

Bandwidth resources for inter-region connections can be allocated on demand.


Compliant ISP Lines for Cross-Border Communication

For example, Alibaba Cloud cooperates with top ISPs in China to deploy ISP lines that comply with laws and regulations. These ISP lines help enable network communication between Mainland China and regions outside Mainland China.

Extensive Network Resource Coverage

Alibaba Cloud provides more than 280 PoPs and operates 89 availability zones in 30 regions around the globe. Most of these POPs are located in the Asia Pacific. This helps develop your business in Asia.

Diversified Billing Methods

Supports flexible billing (such as subscription bandwidth plans and the pay-by-data-transfer metering method).

Quick Deployment

Enabling inter-region network communication only requires three steps in the console:
1. Create a CEN instance; 2. Attach the network instance to the CEN instance; 3. Purchase a bandwidth plan



Services are deployed worldwide, with some deployed in different Alibaba Cloud regions. Better networking services are required to facilitate the use and management of cloud resources. In addition, services deployed in different regions need to communicate with each other. Alibaba Cloud provides CEN to help simplify networking and improve security and O&M efficiency with powerful features (such as nearby access and access control).


  • Inter-Region Networking

    CEN allows you to connect VPCs in different regions to each other. You can attach VPCs to CEN as needed to enable inter-region communication.

  • Low Latency with High Transmission Speed

    CEN has access points and nodes deployed in more than 30 regions and 89 zones worldwide to support nearby access to Alibaba Cloud. Compared with communication over the Internet, CEN can efficiently reduce network latency. The shortest-path algorithm of CEN automatically selects the optimal connections between resources on Alibaba Cloud and data centers.


Businesses are deployed across multiple regions and involve data centers, branch offices, and stores. Traditional networking requires complex configurations and O&M at a high cost and provides low scalability. Cloud networking faces the challenges of data centers and VPCs deployed in multiple regions. CEN supports multiple networking methods to help build a hybrid network on the cloud.


  • Build a Global Network

    With network resources deployed worldwide, CEN supports networking between different regions and VPNs. CEN supports various types of network resources (such as VPCs, Cloud Connect Network (CCN) instances, and VBRs). CEN also supports bandwidth plans for inter-region communication. The powerful features of CEN help you build an enterprise-class network on the cloud.

  • Multiple Networking Methods

    CEN supports Express Connect circuits, VPN gateways, and SAG instances. You can connect data centers and networks of branch offices and stores to CEN, which routes network traffic to the nearest node. This builds a hybrid network on the cloud.

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