Cloud Architect Design Tools (CADT)

Building an easy-to-use cloud architecture on a web graphical interface without coding

Make your architecture visible, tangible, and consequential

CADT provides self-service and web graphical interface-based cloud architecture management for cloud applications. The feature uses the method of what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) to facilitate the management of cloud applications and reduce time costs.

You can conduct lifecycle management for the cost, deployment, O&M, and recycling of cloud architectures. In addition, CADT provides views of your applications and resources in different regions. This way, you can quickly obtain information about your applications and resources.

Ease of Use and Easy Maintenance

CADT enables you to customize the cloud architecture by dragging applications to the proper positions. It establishes connections by connecting various resources. This way, the learning cost is reduced.

Streamlined Processes and Efficient Deployment

CADT features automatic verification, pricing, and deployment of an application architecture, simplifies the resource deployment, and integrates the deployment procedure.

Resource Monitoring and Systematic Issue Locating

CADT provides unified monitoring for deployment resources to achieve unified monitoring of cloud services and issue locating.


Quick Generation of Cloud Architecture

CADT provides a wide range of pre-configured application architecture templates. You can customize the cloud architecture by dragging applications to the proper positions. This feature facilitates cloud management and reduces time costs.

Template Sharing
You can share an architecture diagram with other users.
Self-Service Dragging
You can build the architecture diagram of relevant services required for resource configuration on the configuration page.
Official Template (Coming soon)
CADT provides complete resource configurations that can be deployed directly. You can build the required architecture diagram based on official templates.

Automation of Resource Deployment

CADT automatically verifies the validity of the application architecture, including associated resources and resource specifications.

Resource Verification
CADT validates whether the corresponding resource configurations are valid and whether the resources are in stock according to the architecture diagram.
Resource Inquiry
CADT calculates the total cost of the deployment architecture by querying the price of products to be deployed according to the architecture diagram. CADT supports subscription, pay-as-you-go, and other billing methods and multiple duration calculation methods.
Resource Deployment
You can deploy all the configured resources with one click. If the resource deployment fails, those resources are automatically released.


Easy-to-Use Architecture for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

You can use CADT to build an architecture diagram based on a simple application template. CADT analyzes the validity of the architecture diagram and automatically deploys all related resources on Alibaba Cloud, which simplifies your work significantly.


  • Clear Price Calculation

    Handles system access, user visits, and traffic spikes without affecting the current business

  • More Flexible Architecture Deployment

    Manages your resources on the CADT architecture canvas.

  • Rich Resource Support

    Supports dozens of Alibaba Cloud resources

Automated Deployment for Multinational Enterprises

You can build network resources based on a cross-region deployment template, provide a simple deployment method, and configure network parameters. This way, networks across regions are connected. (This architecture diagram is built with CADT.)


  • Automatic Deployment

    Builds an architecture diagram based on your requirements and automatically deploys resources on Alibaba Cloud

  • Easier Management

    You only need to adjust the architecture diagram. CADT can deploy resources according to the architecture diagram on Alibaba Cloud.

  • Multiple Network Types

    Supports resources such as CCN, CEN, SAG, and VPC

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