Blockchain Node Service (BNS)

A fully managed node remote procedure call (RPC) service for development in a Web3 ecosystem

Accelerate Your Development of Web3 Applications

Alibaba Cloud has edge computing nodes around the world. By using this advantage, Alibaba Cloud provides a high-performance, distributed, and decentralized blockchain node service for developers to accelerate the development of Web3 applications.

To process user requests, decentralized applications (DApps) require data from different blockchain networks and must be connected to the blockchains. RPC is an effective way to connect a DApp to a node on a blockchain network.

By using BNS, you no longer need to send requests to your local node. You can call an API operation of BNS to view the information about a blockchain. BNS eliminates the costs of node construction, development, and O&M, and helps you solve the issues related to service unavailability and insufficient scalability.


High Availability

● Monitors the status of blockchain nodes in real time and automatically schedules nodes in a healthy state to provide services. Developers do not need to focus on the node status.
● Provides external services based on the load balancing capability. Only stable and healthy nodes are used to provide external services. This ensures service availability for developers.

Easy Access

● Provides APIs for developers to easily access all nodes and archive nodes. This minimizes the time and effort of deployment, configuration, and maintenance.
● Maintains a high consistency among the scaling, upgrade, and grouping of all nodes to ensure the accuracy of the RPC service. Developers can focus only on business applications and do not need to continuously maintain the node data.

Low Latency

● BNS is built and deployed based on the central and edge nodes of Alibaba Cloud around the world. BNS schedules nodes near the IP addresses of the device from which user requests are sent. This helps implement an ultra-low-latency RPC service.


Support for DApp Development Based on Mainstream Public Blockchains

The development of self-managed node services is time-consuming and labor-intensive for start-up DApp development teams. In this case, BNS can significantly relieve the pressure on the development teams, and allow the teams to focus on application development and quickly validate their ideas.

Node Backup Based on Mainstream Public Blockchains

Mature DApp development teams can use BNS as a reliable backup service to support their self-managed node services. This ensures high business availability and provides a solution for accidents such as node unavailability.

Managed GameFi Projects

BNS provides various features to support and manage gaming networks, including transaction verification, gaming logic processing, and game data storage. This helps provide a secure, trusted, and decentralized gaming experience.

Managed NFT Projects

BNS verifies and stores non-fungible token (NFT) data, supports NFT transactions, and provides decentralized access to digital assets. This allows users to use the NFTs in a secure, trusting, and efficient manner.

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