Alibaba Cloud DevOps Pipeline (Flow)

An enterprise-level continuous delivery tool.

Alibaba Cloud DevOps Pipeline (Flow) is an enterprise-level, automated R&D delivery pipeline service. It provides flexible and easy-to-use continuous integration, continuous verification, and continuous release features to help enterprises implement high-quality and efficient business delivery.

  • Code Compilation and Building
  • Package Creation
  • Automated Deployment
  • Continuous Integration
  • Static Scan of Code
  • Rollback


Various Code Sources and Delivery Modes
Supports all general code repositories and scaffolding tools for mainstream program languages. Alibaba Cloud DevOps Pipeline (Flow) provides a variety of branch management capabilities and continuous delivery modes to ensure smooth R&D processes.
Powerful Release Mechanism to Ensure Stable Delivery
It is deeply integrated with Alibaba Cloud products and can be released to the public clouds and self-hosted environments of different cloud vendors in different countries. Canary release and phased release policies are applied to avoid the impact of unstable releases and ensure stable business delivery.
Automated Testing to Ensure High Delivery Quality
Provides code scanning, security scanning, and various automated testing capabilities. Alibaba Cloud DevOps Pipeline (Flow) uses multiple quality check methods, such as manual and automated testing, to ensure the quality of business delivery.
Template-Based Pipeline Creation
Provides dozens of pipeline templates to facilitate pipeline creation. Alibaba Cloud DevOps Pipeline (Flow) visualizes the processes and results of orchestration. It also allows enterprises to customize templates to manage the continuous integration and continuous delivery processes.
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