Malacca Securities Trading Platform Expands its Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud as Its Trusted Cloud Provider

Alibaba Cloud September 19, 2023

M+Global App runs entirely on public cloud for enhanced efficiency and security

Kuala Lumpur, September 19, 2023 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, today announced that Malacca Securities, a brokerage firm, participating organisation of Bursa Malaysia Securities, and operator of M+Global App has selected Alibaba Cloud as its trusted public cloud solution provider. It is running on public cloud for enhanced efficiency and security. It further underscores Alibaba Cloud’s on-going focus on empowering the country and its businesses with the latest robust and secure cloud computing solutions.

Alibaba Cloud is providing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions to Malacca Securities’ Trading Platform, M+Global App, a digital trading platform that empowers Malaysians to navigate dynamic global markets, seize opportunities as they emerge, and take greater control of their financial future.

“It is imperative that the financial services institutions sector embraces cloud-native environments to drive intelligent automation across their organisations to increase the agility of their businesses and improve software release cycles,” said Kun Huang, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

“We commend Malacca Securities for fully embracing the public cloud infrastructure. Given the wide range of offerings available in the financial services industry, we anticipate an increased potential for future expansion with them and other key solutions providers in Malaysia,” he added.

Through this collaboration, Malacca Securities’ business operations will be supported by a suite of technology from Alibaba Cloud, including IaaS, M+ Global Subscription on Middleware, Storage, Elastic Compute Service, Relation Database Services (RDS) and network services, and Enterprise Support. The IaaS system also offers additional elasticity and scalability to Malacca Securities, while maintaining cost efficiency.

Alibaba Cloud has been working closely with Malacca Securities since 2020 for M+ Online, its online trading platform to drive its digital transformation. Malacca Securities launched the M+ Global app in May and elevated the collaboration to a higher level.

“We are committed to doing business in a way that can deliver maximum positive experience to our customers, hence considering Alibaba Cloud as our cloud solution provider for the M+Global app was an easy and right decision given the trust and understanding we’ve built over time,” said Lim Chia Wei, Managing Director of Malacca Securities.

The freshly inked collaborations are in line with Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to advance its support for financial services institutions (FSIs) of all sizes across banking, insurance, securities, and FinTech who are looking for solutions that effectively digitise their operations.

As one of the leading global cloud service providers, Alibaba Cloud boasts a network of 89 availability zones in 30 regions across the globe, offering a highly secure, scalable, robust cloud infrastructure to support global customers embracing digital innovation. It is also the first global cloud provider with local data centres in Malaysia since 2017, and launched its first cloud-based Anti-DDos Scrubbing Centre in Malaysia in 2018 serving the region.

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About Malacca Securities

Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd. is an award-winning homegrown stockbroking company with 60 years of experience providing investment solutions for retail investors and corporate organisations. Malacca Securities is listed as a participating organisation under Bursa Malaysia and licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Malacca Securities remained a pioneer in the industry after surviving several world crises through innovations to make stockbroking more accessible to Malaysians. Malacca Securities is committed to revolutionising the financial landscape through technology and innovation, starting with the launch of M+ Online in 2012 to boost investors’ trading journey in the local scene. On its 60th anniversary milestone in 2023, Malacca Securities launched M+ Global, a one-stop, all-in-one global trading platform with real-time market data, news and alerts to help Malaysians make better-informed trading decisions to navigate the global market confidently.

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