Alibaba Cloud Attains Korea Information Security Management System (K-ISMS) Certification

Alibaba Cloud December 12, 2023

Trusted cloud service provider is committed to adhering to the most recognized security requirement in Korea

December 12, 2023, Seoul, Korea - Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, announced it has received the Korea Information Security Management System (K-ISMS) certification for its datacenter infrastructure in South Korea.

As the most recognized information security certification in Korea, K-ISMS ensures that Alibaba Cloud’s services and practices are in line with stringent compliance regulations, and enables enterprise customers to enjoy cloud services with enhanced protection.

The K-ISMS certification is issued by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), a governmental organization affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT). Based on a rigorous evaluation process, the certification evaluates whether organizations manage their information assets securely and comply with Korean legislation and standards.

By relying on Alibaba Cloud’s K-ISMS certification, local customers can more easily demonstrate their adherence to KISA’s compliance standards while streamlining their own certification processes.

"As the trusted cloud service provider, Alibaba Cloud now ensures that businesses can realize enhanced, mission-critical security and compliance standards in Korea, to meet the ever-evolving needs of cloud security and transformation," said Kenny Song, General Manager of Korea, Alibaba Cloud, "Securing the K-ISMS certification signifies Alibaba Cloud's continued commitment to our valued customers and attests to the robust compliance of our data center operations in Korea."

“Along with compliance with other various global information security standards and certifications, Alibaba Cloud is well-equipped to offer secure cloud services to both domestic and international customers through the Seoul data center,” Song added.

With 89 availability zones in 30 regions globally, Alibaba Cloud has more than 130 security and compliance accreditations worldwide, including System and Organization’s Controls (SOC) Reports, ISO 27001 (International Standard Information Security Management System Certification) ISO/IEC 20000-1 (Service Management System Standard) and PCI Data Security Standards(PCI-DSS).

Alibaba Cloud entered the Korean market in 2016 and built its first data centre in the country in March 2022. As the world’s third leading and Asia Pacific’s leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service provider, Alibaba Cloud provides highly scalable, robust and secure infrastructure and AI-powered applications to help drive digital transformation for a large variety of industries in Korea.

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Established in 2009, Alibaba Cloud ( is the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. It offers a complete suite of cloud services to customers worldwide, including elastic computing, database, storage, network virtualization services, large-scale computing, security, management and application services, big data analytics, a machine learning platform and IoT services. Alibaba maintained its position as the third leading public cloud IaaS service provider globally since 2018, according to IDC. Alibaba is the world’s third leading and Asia Pacific’s leading IaaS provider by revenue in U.S. dollars since 2018, according to Gartner.

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