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  • Partner Introduction

    Vega Training, established in 2002, is a leader in IT specialization training. With over two decades of experience, it offers a wide range of courses in areas like IT systems, networking, server administration, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. The company is recognized for its quality training, holding national accreditations and an ISO 9001 EA37 certification.
    The Upskilling and Reskilling Academy at Vega Training, with its 25-year legacy, focuses on equipping professionals and students with the latest IT skills. It provides both corporate and professional evening training, catering to diverse learning needs. Vega Training stands out for its customized corporate training solutions, which involve a detailed analysis of training needs and practical exercises on real systems.
    A pioneer in real-time distance learning since 2009, Vega Training has revolutionized e-learning with high-quality audio-video technology and interactive sessions. It also features Italy's largest instructional laboratory, accessible 24/7, ensuring practical experience in IT training.
    Vega Training's commitment to IT education is reflected in its comprehensive courses, modern remote learning facilities, and emphasis on practical skills. This approach not only imparts essential IT knowledge but also fosters professional growth and technological advancement.



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