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  • Partner Introduction

    According to China Insights Consultancy, Tuya ranked first in the global smart home and smart business IoT PaaS market in 2021, accounting for 14.9% of the market share. Based on the number of smart devices enabled in 2021, Tuya has become the largest IoT PaaS supplier in the global IoT PaaS market.
    As of December 31, 2022, the Tuya IoT Development Platform had accumulated over 708,000 registered developers from over 200 countries and regions. Tuya-enabled smart devices are currently available in approximately 120,000 stores all over the world.
    Tuya can serve both channel brands and product brands. Tuya’s product brand customers are distributed in more than 200 countries and regions, covering manufacturing, retail, operations, real estate and communities, elderly care, hospitality, residential and rentals, industry, and agriculture. Tuya has enabled more than 708,000 registered developers globally.
    From smart manufacturing to smart scene application, Tuya collaborates with global partners to create new revenue streams by leveraging its rich and active ecosystem resources and innovative IoT technologies.
    As a global IoT development platform service provider, Tuya’s IoT ecosystem covers the whole chain from smart manufacturing to smart scene application.
    For the chip suppliers in the IoT industry, Tuya has deeply involved in chip research and development, and jointly designed chips with Realtek, Rockchip, and other chip suppliers to promote the development of the IoT chip industry.
    For integrated circuit factories, by leveraging Tuya-enabled IoT chips, Tuya IoT PaaS, Tuya Cloud modules, and Tuya’s smart industry platform, Tuya helps traditional module manufacturers realize smart upgrading and transform them into smart module factories.
    For smart manufacturing factories or brands, Tuya can enable developers to develop smart products. Tuya’s interconnection modules, cloud, Apps, and other IoT technologies as well as zero-code and low-code development tools, can make developers focus more on smart device development and provide consumers with more advanced products and experiences. At the 2020 AI+IoT Business Conference (Spring version), Tuya released "smart manufacturing on the cloud" which benefits small and medium-sized enterprises and factories in the electronic manufacturing industry. Based on Tuya’s web-end PMS (production management system) system, manufacturing enterprises, and factories can deploy smart production and empower data value, making production data more visible, traceable, and controllable to improve their business performance.
    Meanwhile, Tuya integrates the resources from industry service providers, integrators, operators, online and offline IoT marketing channels and platforms, including Tuya GO, Tuya Expo, Tuya factory stores and brand stores, and so on, to form a large-scale and three-dimensional terminal impact in the terminal market, helping brand customers sell smart devices globally.
    B&C end customers can enjoy the smart life and smart scenes in smart parks, smart buildings, smart homes, smart rentals, smart hotels, smart cities, smart industries, smart energy, and other fields that are enabled by Tuya.
    For consumers, Tuya enables them to control smart products of different brands and categories with one App; For businesses, those in property management, real estate, rentals, hotels, real estate development, and other industries can create their own smart solutions through the Tuya IoT Development Platform, including SaaS, PaaS, and the Cube Solution.

  • Solutions

    Tuya House & Community
    Tuya House & Community is a smart solution for the whole scene launched for residential spaces. By leveraging Tuya’s IoT technology, rich Tuya-enabled hardware ecosystem, and interconnection capabilities, isolated data flows between families and communities will be connected, and widely used in projects such as new high-tech housing, renovation of old residential buildings, future communities, and urban renewals.
    Tuya House & Community provides a rich product matrix and a software and hardware ecosystem. On the management end, it provides an operation management platform for houses and communities, an management App and an IoC visualized screen to meet the management needs of different roles such as brand customers, service providers an real property operators; For the interactive end, it provides multiple interactive entrances such as user-side Apps/Mini-Apps, central control screens and smart speakers to open up the space between the house and the community, to realize the interconnection of the whole scene and bring more comfortable living experiences; For the connection end, it provides a variety of equipment access solutions to meet the access demands of new and existing equipment, and realizes the interconnection of application scenarios and equipment brands through standardization; For the equipment, it relies on the "Powered By Tuya" smart hardware which has multiple brands, multiple categories and cost effective performance, as well as leading community industry hardware. Together they support freely assembly of smart scenes to help customers quickly land a solution and seize market opportunities. Tuya House & Community follows the construction standards and specifications of relevant industries and local digital homes and smart communities, and ensures the inspection acceptance of policy-based projects.
    By the end of 2022, Tuya House & Community provided one-stop solutions for more than 100 customers, covering the top 100 real estate property groups, residential service providers, community offices, smart home brands and so on. The average number of smart community projects reached nearly 1,000 per year.



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