SCash Global Pte Ltd

  • Partner Introduction

    SCash Global is a Singapore-based Technology Innovation SaaS company empowering merchants via Edge Computing, Cloud Computing and Data Driven Capabilities. We believe that the power of innovative technology will make the market a better place and contributes to the success of businesses with critical digitalization capabilities. Our solutions have been adopted by SME, enterprises and government organizations in in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and etc.

  • Partner Successful Story

    McDonalds, RWS MFS, STA MP, BHG, MWC, Keppel Payment Integration, GCash
    (1) RWS Malaysia Food Street (MFS) – F&B Mobile Ordering System
    (2) RWS Mini Program – Provides virtual application on Alipay+ and WeChat platform
    (3) BHG Singapore – Smart Retail System with iPaaS Solution
    (4) McDonalds Philippines – GCash Mini Program
    (5) GCash GPO – e-Marketplace for 300,000 micro merchants to connect with FMCGs
    (6) Malaysia Government eVisa Project – enable 26 countries to apply Visa through digital platform

  • Solutions

    Mobile Solutions + Digitalization
    Enable merchants to embark on digitalization of their business via edge computing on mobile devices. Provides merchants an omnichannel platform to outreach to a larger a customer base across multiple systems and geographies
    Value: USD 100k – 350k

    Multi Cloud Solution
    A model of cloud computing where an organization utilizes a combination of clouds—which can be two or more public clouds, two or more private clouds, or a combination of public, private and edge clouds—to distribute applications and services
    Value: USD 30k – 150k

    Mini Programs
    Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the Super APP platform. Super APP allows 3rd party companies to develop Mini Programs providing advanced features to users that can run within the APP
    Value: USD 100k – 350k

    E-KYC (Next Gen ID)
    eKYC verification services can only be performed by a limited number of organisations and agents, due to the critical nature of consumer identity verification. Because of this, you can rest confident that your personal data will never be exploited or come into the hands of anyone looking to do harm. Additionally, it increases security against financial and identity fraud. Biometric verification as one of its elements, makes it one of the safest methods of verifying a customer’s identity
    Value: USD 100k – 3m



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