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  • Partner Introduction

    Quandatics stands as the preeminent provider of data analytics and cybersecurity services in the Asia Pacific region, serving countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, UAE and Australia.

    Our team of professionals possess an extensive background in data analytics and we remain committed to help organizations be successful in their data-driven journey. In addition to our comprehensive data analytics solutions, Quandatics also offer top-tier cybersecurity services to ensure that we protect your valuable assets that address your unique security needs.

  • Solutions

    Data Analytics
    Derive actionable insights from your data, employing advanced analytics techniques to drive informed decision-making and uncover valuable trends within your organization such as Data Integration, Data Management and Governance, Data Science, and Data Delivery.
    Business and Technology Consultation
    Align your business goals with technology strategies through expert consultation, ensuring efficient processes, innovation, and sustained competitiveness in the market. Building a framework on your digital transformation journey.
    Safeguard your digital assets with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, protecting against evolving threats and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your sensitive information.
    SME Solution (Accounting, Point of Sales, SQL)
    Tailored solutions for small to medium enterprises, optimizing financial management through efficient accounting, seamless point-of-sale operations, and robust SQL database systems.
    ERP & Corporate Performance Management
    Integrate and streamline your business processes with ERP systems, coupled with Corporate Performance Management tools to enhance overall organizational efficiency and strategic decision-making.
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Automate repetitive tasks and processes with RPA, improving operational efficiency, reducing errors, and allowing your workforce to focus on higher-value tasks.
    Build a reliable and scalable IT foundation with customized infrastructure solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity, data storage, and system performance to support your business operations.
    Application Modernization
    Upgrade and modernize your applications, enhancing user experience and compatibility with contemporary technologies, ensuring your systems remain agile and competitive.
    Training & Certifications
    Empower your team with comprehensive training and certifications on all services offered, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to leverage and optimize the implemented solutions.

  • Partner Successful Story

    1.CIMB – Financial Industry
    2.Affin Bank-Financial Industry
    3.Bank of Thailand-Financial Industry
    4.Touch n Go-Financial Industry
    5.Petronas Lubricant-Manufacturing
    6.Viettel-Telecommunication Industry
    7.U Mobile- Telecommunication Industry
    8.Maxis- Telecommunication Industry
    9.Perodua- AutomotiveI ndustry
    10.Nissan- Automotive Industry
    11.First Gen Philippines- Energy and Ultility Industry
    12.British Petroleum- Enery and Ultility Industry
    13.Sime Darby-Property Industry
    14.SCGP- Manufacturing Industry


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