• Partner Introduction

    QIFEIYE is a simple, convenient tool to help you create a responsive website. Our website builder transforms traditional coding into intuitive drag-and-drop operations and text entry. Here, you can create an H5 responsive website in a very short time, and you don't need to write a single line of code, which is the magic of QIFEIYE self-service. The takeoff page uses a responsive engine. You only need to enter the site information once, the site can be intelligent according to the visitor's device presented perfect effect, without human intervention. Devices include but are not limited to: computer, Pad, wechat, mobile phone and TV. QIFEIYE self-service website platform fully uses the second-generation cloud server and cloud network. Among them, the server hardware uses the domestic leading Xeon processor, 32 physical CPU cores, RAID10 storage, ECC memory, SSD hard disk. The highly equipped server can not only provide high performance, but also reduce the probability of error. In addition, the premium and expensive Hong Kong and China accelerated network ensures that you can access Hong Kong(China) websites quickly and stably on the mainland as well. QIFEIYE has 5 overseas cloud nodes in mainland China, Hong Kong(China) and the world to choose from, and deploys the website to countries and regions close to customers with one click.

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