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  • Partner Introduction

    NETRON founded by partners who are highly enthusiastic about Internet and cloud services. NETRON provides customers with experience in building large-scale e-commerce and game websites, from architecture planning, computer room selection, equipment procurement, cloud solutions and anti-attack Services, do a full range of planning and service provision, allowing customers to easily provide users with high-quality Internet access experience.

  • Partner Successful Story

    The client's main product is an audio-visual content platform, and its main market is in mainland China. Due to the vast territory of the mainland China, so we recommended that customers use Alibaba Cloud CDN. Alibaba Cloud can not only create VMs and OSS, but compared with AWS and GCP, Alibaba Cloud has nodes in various provinces in mainland China, and can serve customers nearby to reduce network delays and costs. The URL authentication function of Alibaba Cloud CDN can also Protect customers' site resources from being stolen by downloads. In addition, we also recommended customers to use DDoS defense products on Alibaba Cloud, so that customers do not have to worry about being attacked by hackers and affecting the operation of the website.
    With the stable and fast quality of Alibaba Cloud CDN, the customer's website traffic continues to increase, which also improves the user experience. With the professional service of Netron and the excellent product quality of Alibaba Cloud, the customer has achieved great success in the mainland China market. Customer has also begun to plan the development of overseas markets. In the future, customer will use CDN services through Alibaba Cloud's overseas data centers and nodes to speed up web content.


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