• Partner Introduction

    NaviClouDR helps enterprises of all sizes achieve effective movement and protection to, from, and between hybrid environments. NaviClouDR's solution keeps crucial systems and data protected, flexible, and cloud-ready. We are trusted by our customers and partners with the most simple and reliable solution for cloud mobility.

  • Solutions

    Automated lift-and-shift migration with continuous replication and testing. Suitable for all kinds of scenarios, it allows you to migrate Windows Server and Linux machines between on-premises and Alibaba cloud platform. In addition, for VMware VMs, it provides an agentless migration option.

    Disaster Recovery
    Ensure business continuity with an automated multi-cloud disaster recovery solution that helps you achieve your RPO and RTO objectives. Continuous and scheduled replication with automated cloud disk creation that provides point-in-time recovery. Integrated 1-click disaster recovery with unlimited testing and automatic orchestration of customized recovery plans.

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