Shanghai Majorel Digital Marketing Co., Ltd.

  • Partner Introduction

    Majorel China was formerly known as Arvato China, which has decades of global localization experience in commercial service of CRM field. Majorel China has 4,500+ employees at 9 sites in 7 cities across the country, which enables them to distribute their extraordinary services to customers through every device and in the manner they expect of their brands. Majorel China, delving into various industries such as high-tech, cosmetics, luxury & fashion, automotive, FMCG, retail, has built longstanding and reliable business partnership with 100+ famous corporations.

  • Service Scope

    DME / CDP / BI / VoC (Customer Services) / Algo & Modeling

  • Diversified Services

    Marketing Services
    By accumulated expertise in terms of big data, business intelligence, marketing automation and etc., Bertelsmann Majorel China strives to assist our clients in creating consumer interactions as well as maximizes their business performance.

  • Customer Services
    With excellent operation management as well as rich industrial experience, Bertelsmann Majorel China builds the relationship, care and transaction link between the company and their end-consumers through different channels such as call center, e-mail, text message and social media.


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