Japan-as the Game Country, has been outputting a bunch of games. Until recently Chinese Game Industry is blooming, maybe it is our moment to beat Japanese game industry? Nowadays, the localized operation of overseas games is getting more and more mature. Japanese players are becoming more and more into Chinese games. How should we find our own positioning and market in an environment full of opportunities and competition? In the year of 2022, what kind of new tricks can we pull? Alibaba Cloud-ACPN works with Bai Jing to unlock the winning rules in the new windfall of game export in 2022 in order to add more value to Chinese Game in the Japanese Game track.

The event will be broadcasted live online and a number of game professionals and technical experts familiar with the Japanese market will be invited to share their insights on the characteristics of the Japanese market, user traffic features, market data and relevant technical configurations to help the majority of overseas enterprises further understand the hot trends and more possibilities of the Japanese market and open up the secret of the growth of games in the Japanese market abroad.

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Rie Narusawa

Japan game producer, consultant

Hengda Li

CEO, Yostar

Devon Sun

Senior Product Manager, ThinkingData

Masahiro Yosano

Chief Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Ning Li

Operation Expert of Ecological Strategy, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Alibaba Cloud Goglobal Advantages

Rich products and solutions to meet the needs of various scenarios for customers going abroad.

Stable product technology performance, excellent technical performance.

Intimate support to eliminate the worries of partners and customers.

A leading global brand recognized by many key customers.

Deep understanding of Chinese and overseas culture, deep understanding of customer needs.

Flexible business strategy, tailor-made strategy for key seafaring companies and partners.

Excellent ecological cooperation support system.

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