Fortinet Security Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Native integration with Fortinet to provide advanced multi-layered security on the cloud.

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Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet offer advanced multi-layer protection to secure your infrastructure, data, and applications on the cloud. Fortinet security solutions enable you to reduce risks even in dynamic networks. With complete visibility and automation through AI-driven threat protection, you can easily secure web applications on Alibaba Cloud while also managing global security infrastructures from the cloud.

Why Fortinet on Alibaba Cloud

Advanced Business Workload Protection

Fortinet extended security on Alibaba Cloud offers advanced security solutions such as inline protection for client-to-server traffics, host-based protection for traffic in data centers, and protection for APIs on the cloud and possible configuration risks.

Connecting to Digital China

As a leading cloud provider in China, we can help you to deal with Mainland China requirements and reach new customers with our China Gateway solution. You can connect infrastructure across regions and manage services from one interface, simplifying and streamlining your overall operations.

Native Integration

As a Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner, Alibaba Cloud has integrated its APIs with Fortinet Security Fabric to provide a more consistent and effective end-to-end security solution for users.

Management and Automation

Thanks to native integration with Fortinet, Alibaba Cloud security features can be managed with the Fortinet Security Management tools across both Alibaba Cloud and on-premises deployments to streamline your overall security operations.

Extended Security Use Cases

Secure Hybrid Cloud

The traffic that connects data centers with cloud environment needs to be protected. FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW) and cloud security solutions offer best-of-breed secure connectivity, network segmentation, and application security for hybrid cloud deployments. FortiGate-VMs deployed in the public cloud can securely communicate and share consistent policies with FortiGate NGFWs of any form factor provisioned across clouds or in a private data center.

Cloud-Based Security Management and Analytics

Leverage the multi-regional and global presence of top cloud infrastructure providers to deploy centralized and global security management and analytics systems in the cloud. FortiManager-VM, FortiAnalyzer-VM, and FortiSIEM-VM can all be deployed in the cloud to scale and globalize.

Cloud Workload Protection

ThApplications being built in or migrated to the cloud need to be protected against internet-originated threats, as well as from new threats that propagate across workloads and are introduced through APIs. The combination of inline protection for north-south traffic, host-based protection for east-west traffic, and protection for cloud API and configuration risks offers a powerful security solution for the cloud.

Intent-based Segmentation

Segmenting cloud environments is challenging because dynamic provisioning results in IP addresses that are constantly changing. FortiGate-VMs provide intent-based segmentation, which builds access rules and segments based on user identity or your business logic and adjusts rules dynamically in response to continuous trust assessment.

Customers Using Fortinet on Alibaba Cloud

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