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  • Partner Introduction

    Electrum Cloud, specialized in delivering various types of strategy advisory and technology innovation for enterprises. By leveraging industry leading advisory frameworks and technical experience from multiple Fortune Global 500 enterprises, enabling Electrum Cloud to provide the advisory services that reach international standard for our clients across different industries, including finance, manufacturing, retail and transportation in more than 20 countries. Our mission is to drive enterprises to achieve more business value through innovated, secured, and empowered strategy.

  • Solutions

    Government Database Storage/Management System
    Addressing the pain points of using on-premises storage for large files and data, it involves migrating to cloud-based Object Storage Service (OSS) for scalable storage, implementing FileCloud as a secure management system for efficient file organization, and incorporating security components for data protection. This solution offers scalability, efficiency, security, and cost savings for organizations dealing with extensive file storage and sharing.

    Database Migration Service
    Addressing the pain points of using Oracle or other database services in governmental organisations, this solution involves migrating the database while retaining the existing management system and minimizing impact on workflows and connected systems.

    The solution offers flexibility by leveraging technologies like OSS for cloud cases and OceanBase for on-premises deployment. It provides value by aligning with government targets, ensuring smooth workflow continuity, and allowing retention of the database on-premises when necessary.

    Mainland Network Acceleration with ICP Registration Support
    Addressing the pain points of slow connection for mainland users and the need to set up a server in mainland China with ICP registration support, the proposed solution leverages GA services to optimize connection speeds and offers assistance in fulfilling ICP registration requirements.

    This solution provides value by improving user experience, enabling businesses to establish a local server presence, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in mainland China.


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