Com7 Public Company Limited

  • Partner Introduction

    Com7 is principally engaged in the retail of IT products since year 1996. Recently, the company has seen an opportunity of digital transformation, cloud business, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, so it has started to provide strategic technology solution, software development ranging from consulting to execution. We act as a technical partner for enterprises and startups, taking responsibility for tech development and digital transformation. Moreover, we also offer a solid teamwork with expert skills in project management, system analysis, software testing, programming, UX/UI design, and so on. Therefore, we can guarantee 100% success on every projects. We value our customers’ success as much as our own.

  • Solutions

    Cloud Platform Technology
    Increase business performance: speed, agility, stability, security, and scalability for all types of businesses.

    Migration Services
    Migrate data from one system to another system (On-Premise to Public Cloud or Public Cloud A to Public Cloud B) by our certified IT expert.

    Hybrid Gateway
    Provide a system connection between On-Premise to Public Cloud by our certified IT expert.

    Provide a current system checklist and then present the best practice. Next, the team will do system optimization or enhancement to make the system more effective by our certified IT expert.

    Software License & SaaS
    Dingtalk, DataV, AsparaVideo, CRM, Online e-learning, e-KYC, HRM, ERP, WMS, etc.

    SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and Agile Development.
    Provide intellectual solutions for E2E development for web and mobile, block chain, e-commerce, API gateway and identity management.

    Custom e-commerce functionality drives sales for your unique business.

    Payment Gateway
    Support multiple payment methods. Merchants/customers can choose a variety of payment methods depending on their convenience, such as credit card, debit card, installment payment, bill payment, QR Code scanning.

    e-Digital Signature
    e-Signature covers all kinds of documents in the organization. It also complies with rules and regulations, along with supporting transformation to be a 100% paperless organization.

    VR Commerce
    Virtual Reality helps your business increase Reach, Customer Engagement, Lead Generation & Brand impact. Using the 360 Virtual Tour to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive your customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

  • Partner Successful Story

    As an Alibaba Cloud Distributor, Com7 has provided Alibaba Cloud service from IaaS, PaaS to SaaS through our reseller network. Com7 helped an organization modernize its legacy applications to better meet customer needs with an application modernization using cloud platform technology. Once the application modernization pilot was complete, users benefited from an enhanced client experience, improved security protocols, streamlined development integration and systematic information sharing across teams. Additional benefits include mobile device integration, the ability to easily replicate the application in additional languages, and future opportunities for monetization.

    By leveraging cloud resources planning, and execution, business organizations can unlock greater potential and deliver a clear vision for the future, all while achieving significant cost savings and improved business value today and beyond.



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