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Company Introduction

Founded in 1998
HQ: Seoul, Korea
Branch: Tokyo, Japan, Hanoi, Vietnam
Global Partnership: 20+
Employees: 350+

Service Introduction

Digital Marketing
DIGITAL MARKETING GROUP successfully creates the complete picture of your marketing & advertising imagination. Our creativity and smart delivery of advertisements and campaigns help boost sales and conversion rates, leading business to a whole new level.
Platform Service
HOSTING.KR service is one of the TOP 2 domain services in Korea and achieves a very high growth rate of 150%. Partnerships with ICANN, VeriSign, CNNIC and other organizations allow us to provide with certified and diverse domain services.
Cloud Business Overview
Megazone prepared Cloud as the Next Growth Engine and set up our vision to become a ‘Cloud Innovator’ since 2009. We offer various services to help our customers to walk through the transformation to the cloud.
Hyper Solutions™
We provide clients with not only robust 3rd-party solutions but also MZ-owned solutions called the Hyper Solutions™.

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