Partner Webinar: Edge Cloud Exclusive

Alibaba Cloud Partner Product Introduction Webinar

Date:2023.1.18 (UTC+8) 14:00

Hot-sale Products Exclusive

  • 14:00-14:30


    Alibaba Cloud Product Introduction Session for: Edge Cloud & Video Cloud

    Wenhui Dai, Product and Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Customer Success Stories

The client's main product is an audio-visual content platform, and its main market is in mainland China. Due to the vast territory of the mainland China, so we recommended that customers use Alibaba Cloud CDN. Alibaba Cloud can not only create VMs and OSS, but compared with AWS and GCP, Alibaba Cloud has nodes in various provinces in mainland China, and can serve customers nearby to reduce network delays and costs. The URL authentication function of Alibaba Cloud CDN can also Protect customers' site resources from being stolen by downloads. In addition, we also recommended customers to use DDoS defense products on Alibaba Cloud, so that customers do not have to worry about being attacked by hackers and affecting the operation of the website.

Product & Solution

Cloud Computing is a Reliable Guard

Alibaba Cloud uses CDN intelligent scheduling technology to predict the resource level intelligently based on the real-time bandwidth of large-scale activities, and prioritize the allocation of idle resources to key support services, in view of the dramatic rise and fall of traffic bandwidth at the rate of T bandwidth per minute and the huge traffic that is viewed by thousands of levels at the same time.

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Full Link Disaster Recovery Reject Stuck

The signal source of the game is the basis of live broadcast. The stability of the signal directly affects the viewing experience of all live broadcast users. Therefore, multiple signal sources must be backed up. Alibaba Cloud has the following solutions:

Multi signal source remote backup is adopted to solve the problem of signal transmission interruption due to environmental problems, network problems, device problems, etc. in a single region.

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Narrow band HD 2.0, 50 frame HD, video AI

"Narrow band HD 2.0" is a video coding technology exclusive to Alibaba Cloud and Youku, which is based on the best subjective perception of the human eye. Through intelligent analysis of live content, it dynamically processes and encodes according to the sensitivity of the human eye to achieve the best subjective definition effect, which can reduce the traffic consumption of the platform and users by 30% on the premise of ensuring the image quality.

50 frame Ultra Clear is a high-quality video technology jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and Youku. It uses ultra-high frame rate algorithms to predict the direction and trajectory of movement through artificial intelligence algorithms, and transforms the original ordinary TV signal of 25 frames per second into high frame rate video content of 50 frames per second, providing users with a more fluent immersive viewing experience.

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Product Solution Matching Can Go To the End

With the full cooperation of narrowband HD, CDN intelligent scheduling, 50 frame HD and other tactics, Alibaba Cloud and Youku can provide the audience with a lively high-definition visual feast.

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Highlight Benefits

Easy to Deploy

Orchestrator implements Business Intent Policies with central control across EdgeConnect devices.

Quality of Service

Performance optimization with tunnel bonding, advanced forward error correction and local internet breakout.


Real-time optimization to simplify connectivity and maximize cloud performance.

Lower Costs

Lowering WAN costs in support of strategic cloud-first digital transformation initiatives such as SD-WAN, router migration, WAN optimization, and SaaS optimization.

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