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  • Partner Introduction

    BEYOND is a multi-cloud integrator and managed service provider (MSP) with a group of engineers who provide a consistent depth of responsiveness to customers by using the latest technologies in a variety of cloud services.

    BEYOND provides a wide range of services from implementation, design, and construction of various clouds / servers to 24/7 operation, maintenance, and monitoring. BEYOND supports everything related to cloud / server.

  • Service Scope

    Public Cloud Migration / Public Cloud Service

  • Diversified Services

    Server Related
    Cloud / Server Design and Construction
    After consulting thoroughly with the clients to find out their current situation and issues, Beyond will propose the optimal server or cloud system that meets their needs. Beyond will then guide them through the design, set up and transferring stages.

  • Cloud / Server Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring
    Beyond’s engineers are available 24/7, monitoring the system to ensure its smooth operation. They also respond quickly to any server or cloud related issues that may occur.

  • Cloud / Server Migration and Data Transfer Services
    Beyond offers full support for data and system migration from both on-premise systems and other cloud servers. Furthermore, all cloud designs and constructions are done optimally by taking into account our clients’ needs.

  • Web Development Services
    Game API / Web API Development
    Beyond has a wealth of experience developing APIs (server-side development), meaning it can handle all kinds of projects regardless of genre or scale. Beyond is also able to respond flexibly to changes in the technological / business environment.

  • Web System Development
    Beyond supports client's all needs in one go (from infrastructure design and construction to web service system development) by means of its exceptional strength in cloud / server construction, operation and maintenance. After releasing the product, leave the operation to the Beyond.

  • AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning Development
    Beyond is able to support the construction of AI systems that are logical, easy to use, and highly reliable, by utilizing its combined strengths as a server provider, web production and system development company. This service is provided by its group company “Otafuku Lab”.


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