WAF 3.0 will be generally available

Alibaba Cloud WAF 3.0 will end its public preview period and be generally available on October 31, 2022. You can purchase subscription or pay-as-you-go WAF 3.0 instances and resource plans on the China site (aliyun.com) or the International site (alibabacloud.com). After WAF 3.0 is generally available, you can no longer purchase new WAF 2.0 instances. However, you can continue to use, renew, or upgrade existing WAF 2.0 instances. If you have outstanding circumstances that require you to purchase new WAF 2.0 instances, submit a ticket or join the DingTalk group to contact us.
You cannot purchase a WAF 3.0 instance by using an Alibaba Cloud account to which a WAF 2.0 instance belongs. In the future, we will provide a tool to help you migrate WAF 2.0 to WAF 3.0. Updates on this matter will be released on the console as well as the official documentation.
For more information about the new features and billing methods of WAF 3.0, visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/en/web-application-firewall/latest/release-notice-of-waf-3-0 .
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