Upgrade time: Beijing time, January 30, 2024 00:00:00-February 6, 2024 23:59:59
Upgrade matters: In order to enhance product capabilities and plan to optimize the management and control of resource operation permissions, Alibaba Cloud Visual Edge Computing products will add RAM authentication to the following OpenAPI interfaces.


Impact of changes:
1. After the interface is changed, if you directly access the above OpenAPI interface through a sub-account, or access the above functions through the console, Alibaba Cloud will perform RAM authentication on the sub-account, and unauthorized sub-accounts will not be able to access; if the sub-account has been configured with the following permission policy will not be affected.

2. If the above permission policy is not configured, or you need more fine-grained RAM authentication control, you can refer to the operation examples in the following document link to configure the permission policy for the corresponding interface for the sub-account.
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