Notice of Free Quota Changes in Log Service

[Alibaba Cloud] [Log Service] [Notice of Free Quota Changes in Log Service]

Effective date: September 20, 2022
Adjustment: The free quotas in Log Service on the international site ( will be changed to be the same as the free quotas on the China site ( Before the change, Log Service provides free quotas by Logstore. After the change, Log Service provides free quotas by Alibaba Cloud account and all projects that belong to an Alibaba Cloud account share the free quotas.

If you create only one project within your Alibaba Cloud account and create only one Logstore in the project, this change does not affect the way you are charged for excess resource usage. If you create multiple Logstores within your Alibaba Cloud account, you are charged for using resources that exceed your free quotas based on the change. You are charged for excess usage of billable items such as data storage (storage), index traffic (index_size), read and write operations (rw_times), read and write traffic (rw_flow_out), and shards (shard_size).

For more information about the free quotas, see Billable items ( We recommend that you delete the projects or Logstores that you no longer need at the earliest opportunity.
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