Log Service Optimizes the Data Transformation Feature

[Alibaba Cloud] [Log Service Announcement] [Update of the Data Transformation Feature]
Update time: A canary release is implemented from December 15, 2021 to February 1, 2022.
Updated feature: The data transformation feature of Log Service is optimized to provide better services and improve user experience.
Update details:
Log Service provides end-to-end services for data transformation. You no longer need to forward data among different service modules when you read and write the data from the source Logstore to the destination Logstore.
Effects on usage:
The update does not affect the performance of the feature and improves cost efficiency. Log Service reduces the traffic cost for data reads and writes when you use the data transformation feature. The calculated data is compressed.
If you have any questions, submit a ticket or contact Log Service engineers by using the service hotline.
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