Log Service put its Data Transformation and Shipping features into commercialization

After a number of improvements and upgrades during the public preview stage, Log Service releases the Data Transformation and Shipping features. To provide better services and improve user experience, Log Service will commercialize these features as follows:

Data Transformation.
Data Shipping to Object Storage Service (OSS), MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, and Time Series Database (TSDB).
Please refer to the documentation for billing rules and resource plans.

After September 11, you can check the cost of these new features on the Log Service Web Console. Since October 25, 2020, you will be charged for the bills generated on that day and onward.

Click here to learn about Log Service. If you have any questions, submit a ticket or contact Log Service engineers in the DingTalk group for Log Service users.

Thank you for your support.
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