Up to 47% Off the Prices of Certain Products in Selected Regions

[Effective Date] May 7, 2023 00:00 (UTC+8)

[Announcement] Starting from May 7, 2023 00:00 (UTC+8) ("Effective Date"), Alibaba Cloud will offer reduced prices for a variety of cloud services of certain specifications sold on the Alibaba Cloud Platform (URL: www.alibabacloud.com), mainly for regions within the Chinese mainland. The applicable cloud services include Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB RDS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Server Load Balancer (SLB), and NAT Gateway. The price reduction policy applies only to orders generated after the Effective Date, including new purchases and renewals, which should be made at the public list prices and discounts on Alibaba Cloud Platform based on specific billing methods and purchase durations. The eligible cloud services that were purchased before Effective Date will be billed at the reduced prices after the Effective Date. If you have entered into an offline purchase agreement with Alibaba Cloud before the Effective Date, for eligible cloud services, you will be charged at the prices as specified in such agreement or at the new reduced prices, whichever is lower. Please note that the price reduction policy does not apply to Alibaba Cloud's distributors and resellers and their customers in certain cases.

For details of the price reduction policy, please see the attachment or contact your account manager or submit a ticket. Alibaba Cloud reserves all the right for the final explanation of this price reduction policy.

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