To enhance service security and stability, Alibaba Cloud plans to automatically grant Service Linked Role (SLR) authorization to users of ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL on August 30, 2023. This role is mainly used to obtain access rights to Elastic Network Interface (ENI) services on the cloud to complete RDS functions like upgrade/downgrade instance specifications and clone. Please check details as follows:
•Role Name: AliyunServiceRoleForRdsPgsqlOnEcs
•Role Permission Policy: AliyunServiceRolePolicyForRdsPgsqlOnEcs
•Permission Description: allows the RDS for PostgreSQL service to mount Elastic Network Interface (ENI) for users free of charge through this role to optimize the network environment on which the instance operation and maintenance depends, and to enhance isolation, security, and network efficiency. Thus, you can benefit from better O&M features that provides faster scalability, storage expansion and shrink.

•The permission policy of the role is a system policy, and cannot be modified or deleted. Adding or removing permissions for the role is not supported.
•This operation does not incur additional fees or affect your business. It only involves changes to RAM roles/permissions. If you use a primary account along with several RAM sub-accounts, this operation does not require any additional account management or configuration. Once auto-authorization is completed, the primary account will be assigned the Service Linked Role named AliyunServiceRoleForRdsPgsqlOnEcs, and the RAM sub-accounts will inherit the AliyunServiceRolePolicyForRdsPgsqlOnEcs permission of the role.
•If the Service Linked Role (SLR) is not assigned, the speed of the above-mentioned O&M features for your ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL instances may be slower in comparison.

If you have any questions, or reject the automatic authorization, please feel free to contact us via ticket ( before the effective date (August 30, 2023) to immediately cancel the automatic authorization operation.

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