[Notice] The IP address of Security Center is changed

Dear Security Center users,
On December 27, 2022, the public IP address of Security Center is changed due to network adjustment. In most cases, your business is not affected. However, the status of the Security Center agent on servers that are not deployed on Alibaba Cloud may be affected in the following scenarios. If the Security Center agent is offline, we recommend that you troubleshoot the issue based on the provided solutions.
If you are not sure whether the following scenarios exist and the Security Center agent on a server that is not deployed on Alibaba Cloud is offline on or after December 27, 2022, you can call 15695013520 to contact technical support.

Scenarios and solutions:

Scenario 1: The hostname of your server is bound to an IP address.
Solution: If the following content exists in the /etc/hosts file, delete the content: jsrv.aegis.aliyun.com update.aegis.aliyun.com

Scenario 2: The DNS records are hijacked by using a self-managed DNS.
Solution: Remove the following resolution relationships:
jsrv.aegis.aliyun.com ->
update.aegis.aliyun.com ->

Scenario 3: Your server is added to Security Center by using an NGINX reverse proxy.
Solution: The following domain names are specified in upstream, and dynamic DNS resolution is not configured for NGINX. You must manually reload or restart NGINX to prevent NGINX from using a resolved IP address in the cache.
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