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Due to constraints on public units, the resource usage of public IoT Platform instances of the old version at the international site ( is about to reach the upper limit of the entire IoT Platform cluster. To prevent business interruption, Alibaba Cloud plans to raise the upper limits on specifications for all existing public instances of the old version at the international site at 00:00 (UTC+8) on October 10, 2023. Related specifications include the number of online devices, transactions per second (TPS) for upstream and downstream messages, and TPS for message forwarding. The new upper limits on the specifications are calculated by using the following formula in each region: New upper limit on an item of the specifications = 1.1 × Average daily peak value of the item in September, 2023. After this change, you can view the new upper limits in the IoT Platform console, but you cannot raise the upper limits again. If your resource usage exceeds the new upper limits, IoT Platform implements throttling on your public instances of the old version, and your business may be affected. We recommend that you migrate your existing devices to Enterprise Edition instances and connect new devices to Enterprise Edition instances at the earliest opportunity. Enterprise Edition instances provide more features, higher stability, and better performance. You can create migration tasks in the IoT Platform console to facilitate your operation.
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