Dear Customer:

In the course of September 2021, Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V. will replace (Europe) Limited and become the provider of cloud services to users who are residents in, or whose billing addresses are indicated in, the European Economic Area.

Alibaba Cloud services will not be affected by these changes. Your current contract with (Europe) Limited will be novated and assigned to Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V.
1.The effective date of this novation and assignment (the “Effective Date”) will depend on your payment mode as indicated in item 3 below. As from the Effective Date, you will receive invoices issued by Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V..
2.If you have offline contract(s) with (Europe) Limited, we will ask you to kindly execute a novation agreement with (Europe) Limited and Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V. within thirty (30) days from the date you receive the novation agreement.
3.Depending on your payment mode, you acknowledge having noted that:
a.[Customers benefiting from purchase credits]
The Effective Date is Sep 8th 2021.
If you have a Virtual Account (VA), your new VA account number will be displayed on the new invoice. Otherwise, we have a bank account opened with Citibank Netherlands with the following details:
b.[Customers using credit cards]
The Effective Date is Sep 2nd,2021.
If you already added a credit card to your Alibaba Cloud account, Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V. will use the same credit card to cover your consumption. Alibaba (Netherlands) B.V. has made efforts to keep your credit card bound to your Alibaba Cloud account. However, due to bank policies, some credit cards may not be paid normally. In that case, we kindly ask you to add a credit card again to your Alibaba Cloud account.
c.[Customers using PayPal]
We are not able to support Paypal under the new entity.
As a result of the assignment, your PayPal account will be disconnected from your Alibaba Cloud account. We kindly ask you to bind credit cards to your Alibaba Cloud account.

We thank you for your continued support, please feel free to contact the Alibaba Cloud international customer service department below with any questions you might have: Website:

Phone: +44 20-7048-8226
Raise Service Ticket:

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