Starting from January 10, 2024, a new version of the Datahub cloud monitoring feature will be released. The specific changes are as follows:

1. Two new monitoring indicators, consume_delay and record_stacked, have been added. For specific monitoring items, please refer to the user help documentation.
2. The new version of the sub_delay monitoring item has added monitoring dimensions such as region, project, and topic. Alarm messages received by users through newly created sub_delay monitoring alert rules will contain detailed information including region, project, topic, and subId. This will facilitate users in tracking resources and provide a better user experience.
3. The alarm messages received from the old version of sub_delay monitoring items will remain unchanged (with only subId dimension information). If users wish to receive detailed monitoring information, please migrate to the new sub_delay monitoring items as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time through a ticket or through our service hotline.
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