Datahub Cluster Version Upgrade

Datahub version 2.22 product upgrade

[Alibaba Cloud] [Datahub] [Product Upgrade]
Upgrade window: November 30, 2021 10:00-18:00 Beijing time

Upgrade content:

1) Support Schema Registry
2) Fix some problems of syncing Hologres, MySQL, etc.
3) Fix some issues such as region switching on the console page
4) Enhanced scheduling stability

Upgrade area: China East 1, China East 2, China North 3, China South 1, Asia Pacific Southeast 1, China North 2, Asia Pacific Southeast 3, Asia Pacific South 1, Europe Central 1, China(Hong Kong), Western United States 1
Upgrade impact: During the upgrade process, there is a short period of service jitter and retry, which is a normal phenomenon. If you have any other problems, you can contact us for feedback at any time through the work order or the service phone 95187.
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