Adjustment Announcement of Site Monitoring Feature of CloudMonitor

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Time window:
10:00 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2022 to 22:00 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2022
To provide better product capabilities and use experience, the site monitoring feature of CloudMonitor is upgraded to Network Analysis and Monitoring. After the upgrade, more detection points are provided worldwide. Detections can be performed within seconds. Services such as DNS resolution monitoring for carriers are supported. You are welcome to activate Network Analysis and Monitoring. CloudMonitor will no longer provide the free quotas of site monitoring tasks as of 10:00 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2022. After the adjustment, the site monitoring tasks that are created during the free trial period will automatically stop and the task configurations are retained for 30 days. If you need to continue using the site monitoring feature, we recommend that you activate Network Analysis and Monitoring.
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