Dear users,

The features on the 【Billing Details】 will be updated in batches on December 12th, 2023 (UTC+8)

1. New fields:
[Spn ID]: The Savings Plan ID that is used to deduct the PAYG bill
[Spn Discount Amount]: The amount deducted by Savings Plan
[Primary Key]: The unique ID of each detailed bill

2. Involved billing cycles:
Bill data that are generated in and after December, 2023

3. Involved bill reports:
Billing Details reports that are generated for all statistic periods when Billing Item is selected as the statistic item

4. Involved data sources:
Data that are queried and exported in the Billing Management and subscribed to OSS buckets
-The [Primary Key] and [Spn ID] fields are displayed only in the Billing Item reports

5. Impact:
This update does not affect your online business or the actual settlement amount in Alibaba Cloud. All changes will take effect immediately, and the bills generated before December will not be affected.
We apologize for any inconvenience that is caused by the update. If you have any questions, submit a ticket. We appreciate your understanding and support.
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