Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) EIP Billing mode and payment mode upgrade

Upgrate time:December 2, 2022. Beijing time.
Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) EIP will upgraded billing mode and payment mode to version2.0. Version 2.0 will provide the following upgrades:
1. When the Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) function is enable on EIP and Shared Bandwidth, the Anti-DDoS fee is no longer charged at the Region level, but at the account level. For scenarios when multiple regions deployed, the cost of Anti-DDoS will be lower.
2. Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) EIP no longer needs associate shared bandwidth, whether to associate shared bandwidth depends on scenarios.
3. Clean traffic fee and IP number fee supports tiered pricing. The cost of large clean traffic is lower.
4. In the clean traffic or bandwidth billing part of the Anti-DDoS fee, only one mode of Pay by Traffic reserved.

If you enabled Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) EIP, you need to enable version 2.0 through the link below. Alibaba Cloud will switch from the version 1.0 to the version 2.0 on December 2, 2022. At this time, the billing of the Anti-DDoS fee will be billed through the new product. If you do not complete enable 2.0 product before December 2, 2022, Alibaba Cloud will convert the Anti-DDoS (Enhanced) EIP, to 2.0 version.

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