Anti-DDoS Pro back-to-origin IP address Upgrade on Oct 31th, 2022

Upgrade Product: Anti-DDoS Pro
Upgrade Plan: October 31st, 2022 GMT+8
Upgrade content: Anti-DDoS Pro will add some new back-to-origin IP addresses to access the origin server, including:

If you are using Anti-DDoS Pro service and have implemented access control policies to the source IP addresses in origin servers , please renew the white list policy to grant access to these new IP addresses, to avoid the back-to-origin IP addresses from Anti-DDoS Pro being blocked by mistake and impact on your business.

These new back-to-origin IP addresses have been updated to the console of Anti-DDoS Pro>Website config>View Back-To-Source CIDR Blocks. You can check the complete the back-to-origin IP addresses in the console.
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