Anti-DDoS Premium back-to-origin IP address Upgrade on July 30th, 2022

Upgrade Product: Anti-DDoS Premium
Upgrade Plan: July 30th, 2022 GMT+8
Upgrade content: Anti-DDoS Premium will add some new back-to-origin IP addresses to access the origin server, including:

If you are using Anti-DDoS Premium service and config access control policies to the source IP addresses in origin servers, please renew the white list policy to allow these new IP addresses, in case the back-to-origin IP addresses from Anti-DDoS Premium is blocked by mistake and impact the business traffic.
These new back-to-origin IP addresses have been updated to the console of Anti-DDoS Premium>Website config>View Back-To-Source CIDR Blocks. You can check the complete the back-to-origin IP addresses here.
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