Alibaba Cloud Distributed Cloud Container Platform (ACK One) is constantly evolving to provide customers with centralized ACK One GitOps capabilities,starting from December 31, 2023, the "Application Center" functionality will be upgraded to ACK One GitOps. You are advised to migrate your application center configurations to ACK One GitOps in a timely manner.Please pay attention to the following changes and migration assistance documentation to ensure uninterrupted usage and avoid any inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation!
Change Details
The functionality of the ACK One Application Center will no longer be upgraded and will gradually cease maintenance. on December 31, 2023, the Application Center will be completely discontinued. At that time, applications stored in the Application Center will no longer be maintained.
Recommendations: For new applications, it is recommended to directly manage them using ACK One GitOps. For existing applications, you can refer to the migration documentation to migrate them to ACK One GitOps. An automated migration solution is provided to support fast and batch application migration.
About ACK One GitOps
As an alternative to the Application Center, ACK One GitOps provides hosting and full compatibility with ArgoCD. It supports continuous iteration and no longer supports template-based distribution capabilities, replaced by Git deployment templates.
ACK One GitOps offers authentication control console experience with Alibaba Cloud account system integration, managed operation of the control plane, and serverless capabilities of the data plane. It is ready to use and requires no maintenance. Combined with the multi-cluster management capabilities of ACK One, it enables GitOps application distribution across multiple clusters. By integrating with Container Registry (ACR EE) and workflows (ACK One Argo), it supports enterprise CI/CD pipeline best practices.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
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