【Alibaba Cloud】【CloudMonitor】【Notice of Adjustment】

Time window:

10:00:00 to 22:00:00, UTC+8, September 14, 2021


To improve data accuracy, Alibaba Cloud will adjust the data sources and computing logic that are applied to the following monitoring metrics of Elastic IP Address (EIP) from 10:00:00 to 22:00:00, UTC+8, September 14, 2021:






Affected users:

Users who configure alert rules to monitor EIP resources by using CloudMonitor.


Before the adjustment, the values of the preceding monitoring metrics may be a bit lower than expected in rare cases. After the adjustment, the issue will no longer occur. Therefore, alerts may be triggered.


We recommend that you set the alert thresholds again based on the adjusted monitoring metrics to prevent alerts from being repetitively triggered.

Your kind understanding for any inconvenience caused by the adjustment would be highly appreciated. If you have any question, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket or calling us at the customer service hotline 95187.
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