To help you choose the right specifications for your needs, Data Transmission Service (DTS) will update the max RPS for selected DTS specifications on January 3, 2024 Singapore time. The max RPS for the 2xlarge specification of DTS Migration will change from “>7,000” to “11,000”, and that for the large specification of DTS Synchronization will change from ">5,000" to "11,000". This will more accurately and clearly show the maximum performance of these DTS specifications and will not impact any existing or new DTS services.

What is RPS?
Records Per Second (RPS) is the number of records that can be processed (read or write) per second. It is a key performance indicator for choosing DTS specifications in data migration and synchronization scenarios. Different specifications of DTS have different max RPS values, which indicate the maximum number of records that can be migrated or synchronized by that DTS specification per second under ideal conditions.

Generally, the larger the DTS specification, the higher the max RPS value, which means that that type of DTS service can handle more work and has better performance.

When you use DTS for data synchronization or migration, you should choose a DTS specification that matches the amount of business changes (RPS ≥ business peak TPS) to minimize the synchronization latency. For more details about DTS specifications and their max RPS values, please refer to "DTS Migration Specifications" ( and "DTS Synchronization Specifications" (

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