The public preview of the coordinator node features on AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Elastic Storage Mode and Serverless instances will end soon, some specifications of coordinator node will no longer be provided for free, the details of the commercial plan is as below.

● Before Singapore time January 1st 2024, the use of coordinator node resources will not generate extra fees no matter what specifications you are using.
● As of Singapore time January 1st 2024, for both existing and new AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances, coordinator node resources with specification of 8C and below will still be free of charge, while specifications above 8C (e.g., 16C, 32C) will be subject to a fee.Pricing Reference:

Coordinator nodes of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances are used to manage endpoints, status, and task execution of instances. Generally, if a business scenario involves a large number of connections or requires low-latency and high-throughput transaction processing, a higher specifications of coordinator node resource is needed. You can easily change the specification of the coordinator nodes by changing the instance configuration. View documentation for performance data, pricing, and management guidelines > (

For more details, please refer to the documentation on our website ( If you have any questions, you can submit tickets to contact us ( Thank you for your understanding and support!
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