[Alibaba Cloud] [ECS Snapshot] [Price Reduction Notice for Instant Access Feature]
Beijing time: 11:00 AM, October 12, 2023
Effective from October 12, 2023, Alibaba Cloud will no longer charge the two billable items for Instant Access Feature: Instant Access Storage ($0.224 USD/GB/Month) and Use times of Instant Access ($0.1415 USD/Once). The Standard Snapshot Storage fee ($0.0170 USD/GB/Month) remains unchanged.
Alibaba Cloud ECS snapshot capabilities will be upgraded. Snapshots of ESSD PL0/1/2/3 and ESSD AutoPL cloud disks can be used instantly after being taken. This upgrade is applicable for both manual and automatic snapshots. We will roll out the upgrade to all regions in three months. Please refer to the official documentation for details.
The existing IA snapshots are still available and will be charged at the new price. The related parameters "InstantAccess", "InstantAccessRetentionDays", and "DisableInstantAccess" in snapshots API will no longer take effect. The "DescribeSnapshots" and "DescribeSnapshotGroups" APIs will have a new parameter "Available" to describe the status of snapshots availability. Please refer to the API documentation on the official website for details.
Please file a support ticket or call our service hotline in case you have any questions.
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