[Alibaba Cloud] Notice of Stopping New Purchases of ApsaraDB for Cassandra

Dear Alibaba Cloud users, thank you very much for your support for Alibaba Cloud Cassandra products. In order to provide a more comprehensive service system, focus on meeting customer needs, and provide a clearer and simplified user experience, new users will not be able to purchase Cassandra products from May 16, 2022. Customers who have already purchased Cassandra products will not be affected, and the console renewal function, as well as Alibaba Cloud's product support and work order services will remain effective. Alibaba Cloud has merged the Cassandra products with Alibaba Cloud's native multi-modal database Lindorm in May 2022, and has started sales of the same under the product name of "Cloud Native Multi-modal Database Lindorm". The cloud database Cassandra will continue to maintain its existing service capabilities.
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