Terminus E-commerce Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Terminus E-commerce solution makes new retail business much easier worldwide.

Solution Overview and Architecture


As the leader of the industry of new business software in China, Terminus is helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run better by redefining E-commerce and creating networks of intelligent enterprises that provide agility, resiliency, and sustainability in a variety of business solutions.

Our end-to-end suite of applications and services enables our customers to unite data and operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference worldwide.

No matter where your business operates, Terminus is here to help you to take advantage of the wide range of software and services offered by Alibaba Cloud and designed to fit your needs.

Solution Highlights

Marketing conversion

DTC (direct-to-consumer) platform supports diversified commodity forms, realizes personalized decoration effect, and provides extensive marketing resources inside and outside the website. The data platform supports enterprise data analysis, data insight and decision-making, enhances business through data, supports personalized marketing recommendations, merchant operation guidance, maximizes traffic attraction and facilitates transaction conversion.

Advanced and reliable

The platform supports various e-commerce models such as DTC/O2O/BBC, helping enterprises to acquire scalable, expandable and fast iterative capabilities. Front-end and back-end separation technology to ensure faster and smoother front-end interaction

Agile Delivery

Short delivery cycle: multiple cases were rapidly launched within 3 to 6 months. Guaranteed delivery resources: Original delivery, or enabling the client's IT team for further development, and co-delivery.
Controllable delivery cost: single purchase, unlimited licenses, reasonable maintenance costs, stable and controllable TCO.

Customer Reference

It is the third largest manufacturer of Ergonomic in China, with globally recognized brands in different area. The company sells its products in more than 8 countries in Europe, Asia, and America through authorized retailers and on its website. The company operates multiple DTC platforms for integrating online and in-store channels.

1. Non scalable system can not meet further customization.
2. New business scope need to be supported by a system with a good expansibility,high availability,fine maintainability.

—Decoupling Front-end & Backend
De-Coupling front-end and backend, much more flexible for deployment
—SEO Improvement
Increasing Unique visitors by new system technology
—Performance Optimization
Performance issue every time when there is a promo activity when QPS getting higher. The problem is already solved.


1.Average daily search users increased by 72%
2.Revenue capacity increased by 35%
3.Performance evaluation improved by 50 points

Customer Reference

Your Challenges

  • Software development life cycle. Old structures can not support new demand.

  • The problem of extensibility and maintainability in old system

Our Solutions

Terminus provides 2 kinds of solutions:

  • Brand ECommerce Platform (International Version)

    Overseas Ecommerce Website provides a complete online self-owned sales channel with independent domain names for merchants selling abroad, and realizes a closed-loop system of the entire cross-border e-commerce ecosystem such as website building, marketing, CMS, product selection, payment, logistics, customers, and data insight. The goal is to provide a full range of customized services for brand owners selling abroad.

  • Omni Retail Solution (International Version):

    Leveraging the integration capabilities of Terminus's business middle platform and the comprehensive system of retail applications, the overseas hypermarket solution integrates OMS omni-channel, utilizes a unified open API model to implement the interface, and independently deploys the open API model at independent runtime to ensure elastic expansion. OMS collects price center, order center, promotion center, inventory center, and commodity center to improve fulfillment efficiency, collects product master data, and unifies operation and promotion.

Oversea Hypermarket

Online and offline integration

Expand the O2O capability of the third-party e-commerce platform, support the integration of online and offline, unify inventory, support efficient order distribution and rapid response, optimize fulfillment timing and costs, and enable products to be delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Close loop operation of the whole business process

Digitize marketing activities, connect many discrete data from online and offline channels, centralize data service and management in the business center, and build a consumer-focused, data-driven and operation-oriented digital operation system.

Consumer experience upgrade

Online payment offline pickup, offline purchase independent checkout.

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